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Treasure Maps

A Treasure Map is an affirmation or goal-setting text, appropriately written to assist you in achieving your goal. This desire is placed on parchment. You can either post it somewhere where you will view it on a regular basis, or place it in a nightstand drawer and read it when you wake up and when you go to sleep – the time when your sub-conscious is working overtime.

Many studies have proven that a goal written out, read and re-read, will bring in the goal faster and more efficiently than just imagining it. Reading it consistently reflects it back into your subconscious, and it manifests faster.

Yes, you could just write down your goals yourself, but remember the old adage – be careful what you wish for, you might get it! The reason my Treasure Maps work so well is that they are “languaged” properly. This has taken years and years of practice with many trials and errors. Anyone can write down a goal and attract it in, but it could really cause havoc with your life if you don’t first consider all the possible negative consequences associated with the goal. For instance, if you are married but you would like a job where you travel often, you must factor in your spouse’s happiness, as well! Perhaps a job that allows you to take your spouse with you on trips, or insist that the traveling doesn’t interfere with your happy marriage.

RESULTS: You should start to see shifts in about two weeks. Some may be subtle, but watch for them! Many customers achieve actual results within that timeframe, but of course, that depends on so many factors. Some goals take a lengthier amount of time. Don’t give up – keep reading the paper at least twice a day. You will definitely bring your desire to you. We cannot offer refunds, but if you’re doubting, please read testimonials from people for whom the Treasure Map worked.

$60 – Your Treasure Map will be emailed to you. You may then download and print it out.
$75 – Your Personalized Parchment Treasure Map will be mailed (via US mail) to you within one week of payment.

Treasure Map

$ 60
  • Emailed for you to download and print it out yourself.
  • Enter your information on the next screen.

Treasure Map

$ 75
  • Personalized Parchment Treasure Map sent US Mail.
  • Enter your information on the next screen.


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