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Tarot Cards have been around for centuries and are traditionally associated with the occult, but at, we use the intuitive, spiritual aspect of the Tarot to tap into the Divine. Feel safe and secure in knowing that we employ only Light.

It is best if you keep your questions simple, rather than multi-faceted. ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ questions are best, such as: Is this partner right for me? or, Should I take this promotion? Time-related questions are more difficult as the Universe does not recognize “time” in the same way we do. However, the cards can often suggest whether an event will occur quickly, not for a long time, or even at all.

What is right for your Higher Self will come through in response to your questions. If you open yourself up to receive all of the information that wants to deliver, you will find yourself returning to this site again and again, as the Truth will set you on your right path to peace and happiness.

To ask your question(s), choose the number of questions you would like to ask in the drop-down menu below. Then simply write your questions in the text boxes and submit. You may expect your answer within 48 hours.

1 Question

$ 20
  • Perfect to get a quick answer. If you have more questions, choose the other options.
  • Enter your question on the next screen.

2 Questions

$ 35
  • Expand on your 1st question, or ask a completely different one.
  • Enter your question on the next screen.

3 Questions

$ 50
  • Best value, and great for putting your mind at ease on a lot of issues.
  • Enter your question on the next screen.


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